About Dani Hart

At the intersection of sustainability & marketing.

After going to school for marketing and environmental studies, I spend a lot of time thinking about the parallels & disconnects between the two studies in life and in my career.

Unfortunately, the obvious pattern is that sustainability doesn't always align with short-term profit. And a lot of our society is inefficiency incentivized for short-term gains. This can create a lot of waste and time spent cleaning up the mess.

I now work alongside Sean Ellis, the one who coined the team Growth Hacking, at GrowthHackers. My goal is to understand how fast growing companies are successful and bring those learnings to companies making a positive and sustainable impact on this earth.

In my opinion, people are our biggest asset when it comes to fixing big problems and driving value for society. If people and their work are aligned and optimized for sustainable solutions, we can make this world better for the next generations. Businesses will be the ones driving this change with a little help from their customers.

I think understanding people and why they do or don't do something is fascinating. Empathy. I try to take every relationship, experience, story, and reaction as a chance to learn how people work. I imagine a lot of growth-minded people do the same.

I love learning from others and always make time to share my knowledge with new people from anywhere in the world. Hats off to Matt Barby for that life hack.

If my goals resonate with what you're doing, I'd love to hear from you.

Dani Hart

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